Presentation Axe - Sold Out

08/10/18 - We have been informed that our next delivery of presentation axes are currently on their way to us from overseas. As soon as they arrive with us we will update this page accordingly.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and can assure you that are working hard to improve the supply chain of these items.

Wooden presentation fire axe with polished steel head.

For ceremonial use or as a perfect retirement gift to remind ex fire fighters of their time in the service.
You can mount the axe onto an oak-veneered mounting board or purchase a personalised BA Tally to go with it. Both of which can be purchased through our shop at an additional cost.
Please note: The display picture with the axe mounted is an example only of how the axe would look should you wish to mount it yourself.
Dimensions:15" x 8"
The board and axe are not supplied with fixings or mounted.

Sold out.

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