Calling all Fire Stations!
Are you holding a Fire Station Open Day, Fete or Event?  Would you like to sell Charity merchandise at your event to help boost your fundraising?
If so, why not try our Shop in a Box scheme!
  •  What is a Shop in a Box?

Shop in a Box (SIAB) is a programme ran through The Fire Fighters Charity Trading Company. It is a box full of merchandise that can be sold at fundraising events and open days. All profits from the scheme are donated to The Fire Fighters Charity.

  •  What does it cost us?

Other than some time there are no costs to yourselves for having an SIAB at your event.

We would request that you try to raise a minimum amount of £150 per event to help cover the operating costs of this scheme (purchase of the stock & the distribution) if you feel that this amount is not achievable at your event please contact us on 01256 366566 so that we can discuss it further.

  •  How do I book an SIAB?

This can be done by completing our online form, sending an email to or calling the SIAB team on 01256 368871 / 366566.

To book a SIAB we need the following info:

Date of Event

Name of Event

Address of Event

Your Name, Phone number + email address

Details of person responsible for SIAB (if different) and their contact details

Delivery address – this must be where somebody will be available to sign for the box on delivery.

  •  When do I need to book?

As soon as you can – the more notice we receive the better.

If your event is within the next 10 days PLEASE contact us on 01256 368871/366566 so that we can check to see if we can accommodate your request for you.

For booking for Scotland please allow extra time as deliveries may take longer.

  • What happens now?

The SIAB team will confirm your booking with you either over the phone or by email. A few days before the event they will send you an email to confirm that your box has been dispatched, this will provide you with the tracking details for courier who will deliver.

 If your box has not arrived 2 days before the event PLEASE contact the team so that we can rectify any issues immediately.

  •  What’s in the box?

We have pre-selected a range of our lower price merchandise items which includes our new range of fire engine toys.  

We will also include a price list, stock list and instructions on how to pay any monies raised in and how to return the box following your event.

  •  What happens after the event?

After the event we ask that you pack any unsold items back into the box and contact our supplier on 01273 466643 (Monday – Friday 0900 – 1700) so that collection can be arranged with a courier. We also ask that any monies raised for SIAB are paid in using the paying in slip that we provided in the box as soon as possible. We request that this is completed within 14 days of your event to enable us to pass the monies raised onto the charity swiftly.

  •  Can I use our stations paying in book to pay the money in?

Monies raised for SIAB is allocated to a different account to your usual fundraising events which is why we supply you with a separate paying in slip. If you lose this we can send another to you.

We would also request ONLY monies raised with SIAB is paid into this account – this will save our finance team having to track down monies in different accounts or us chasing you for monies that you may have already paid in.

  •  How do we know how well our event did?

Once the box has been received back & verified and monies have been paid in we are able to reconcile the SIAB. When this is complete we will send a thank you letter to the person who was responsible for the box stating how much was raised.

  •  Can I select what is in the box?

Unfortunately not. To enable us to run this programme and to keep the costs involved to a minimum we pre-select the items that will be in the SIAB at the beginning of each season. This allows to us to buy items in bulk, where we can attempt to get better prices. This is a generic box of merchandise that we feel will sell well and are attractive to the visitors at your event.


Many thanks for supporting The Fire Fighters Charity!
For more information on SIAB or to PLACE AN ORDER, please PHONE or E-MAIL the Trading Team on:
Tel: 01256 368871/ 366566 or E-Mail:
Please note: We no longer stock, sell or provide Plastic Fireman Helmets.