Welcome to our frequently asked questions section where you will hopefully find all the answers you need about our shop products and services. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us using the Contact us tab.

1. I do not want to order over the internet. Can I order over the phone?
Yes you can. Please call the Trading Team on: 01256 366566 to process phone orders. Please ensure product details and prices and payment details are at hand.

2. How long will my order take to be delivered?
Please go to the Shipping page for information on delivery. If you have any questions regarding shipping please call the Trading Team on: 01256 366566.

3. How do I get a BA Tally engraved?
Please e-mail the following information below you would like engraved to: shop@firefighterscharity.org.uk

The Brigade
Station Number and Station Name
Service OR Payroll Number
Rank & Name AND/OR Nickname
Time In
Time Out

4. How do I get a Statuette engraved?
You have up to 4 lines of text as shown in the engraving image displayed in the shop. Please e-mail this to our Trading Team at shop@firefighterscharity.org.uk

5. How do I return an item?
Please contact the Trading Team on: 01256 366566.Request for Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt of the items.

6. Do you sell Christmas Cards?
Yes you can buy Christmas Cards from our website, they generally go on display from September onwards however, if required them before then please call the TradingTeam on 01256 366566.

7. How do I know my order has gone through online?
Once you have gone through all the ordering steps online you will receive a confirmation e-mail to say your order has been successful. Some customers are experiencing a Blank White Screen when they have finished the ordering steps, this does not mean your order has not been successful, please check your e-mails for the confirmation to avoid duplicate orders.

8. Office Hours?
The Fire Fighters Charity hours for the shop are: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We are not open Saturday or Sunday.

9. Do you have a Product Catalogue?
We are pleased to announce we now have Product Catalogue. This showcases all of our products available for purchase. If you would like one of these catalogues mailed to you either e-mail your mailing details to us at shop@firefighterscharity.org.uk or, you can phone the Trading Team on 01256 366566.