Personalised Brass BA Tally

Brass BA Tally is great on its own or with the presentation axe - a perfect retirement gift to remind ex firefighters of their time in the service, and can be engraved with personal details which is included in the price of the tally.


This item is dispatched by a third party so please allow 28 working days for delivery


Dimensions: 125mm width by 40mm depth

Once you have purchased the BA Tally at the online checkout please enter engraving details that you require on the tally in CAPITAL LETTERS following the instructions below:

1. Open email and address to:

2. Copy and paste the following fields into the email.

The Brigade:

Station Number and Station Name:

Service OR Payroll Number:

Rank and Name AND/OR Nickname:

Time In:

Time Out:

3. Complete the required fields with the information as you want it to appear on your BA Tally 4. Please add the name of the person placing the order on the email (nb. This will not appear on your BA Tally) 5. Send the email to

Please Note: Rank will be formatted as per brigade, E.G. Firefighter will be Ff. unless otherwise requested.

Please note that if you are ordering multiple tallys you will only need to send us one email per order request.

Please note the display picture is an example of how the tally would look should it be mounted.

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